Frequently Asked Questions....

Why do I need/want a Google Virtual Tour?

Hopefully just looking at the background to this page and the other examples here should answer that question? If you don't think customers are interested in how your business looks then think again; how much time & effort have you put into making your business look great?

With a google hosted virtual tour your potential and existing customers can browse your premises, be attracted and also re-assured that yours is a professional, modern and interesting business 24/7, from anywhere in the world. And there are no hosting or maintenance fees.

Where do they appear?

Our tours are in 2 categories; Google Map View (GMV) & Google Street View (GSV). Both are hosted by google on their Google Map platform.

GSV in addition appear as "See Inside" on google text searches and on your Google Places for Business Page (if you have a location based business then you should have one of these; if you haven't we can help and yes they're FREE).

However that's not all; either can easily be embedded in your own web site and Facebook page (yes we can help by providing you with a simple line of code you/your web designer/social media agent can easily use).

What's the process?

This is the beauty; a quick tidy up on your side and then using our specialist equipment we can take HDR (High Dynamic Range; which means you can see inside a room but also out of windows) imaging at each of the panorama nodes. This is not disruptive towards your business and for most businesses can be completed within an hour. We then process, stitch and link your panoramas to create your own virtual tour to google QC guidelines. They are uploaded onto the Google servers and your tour is typically live within a week or so.

What's the cost?

Before we tell you just think how much a “one off” advert in your local paper or directory costs....

So how much is “lifetime” exposure on the world's dominant search engine worth? Be prepared to be (pleasantly) surprised, our pricing is straight-forward and affordable for all sizes of business.

What about personal privacy?

Our protocol both for Google Streetview and Google Map virtual tours is to protect personal privacy by pixelating faces & number plates. In general, for most businesses, having limited people (or indeed none) in the tours can create a cleaner and more professional presentation.

What about MY town/local attraction?

We're also working to cover Kent towns with additional 360° views of popular areas and attractions; if you know of one you'd like to be added let us know and we'll do our best. We'll even give you the code so you can embed our 360° tours in your own website/Facebook pages.

What type of businesses have had one done?

To be honest all sorts and sizes of business. We have personally produced tours for; retail (butchers/farm shops, fashion/retro clothes shops, fishmongers, florists, furniture/soft furnishings/antique centres, ice cream /sweet shops, wine shops & off licences), hospitality (cafes, hotels, pubs, restaurants, take aways, wedding venues), health Á beauty ( cosmetic clinics, dental clinics, hairdressers, opticians, sports clubs/gyms) & commercial (estate agents, meeting venues, offices).


Who are Kent360?


Peter Ryder is an experienced panographer and digital marketeer who is accredited by google to put panoramas directly on to Google's servers for display on Google Places for Business pages and search results as "See Inside" results.

Kent360 is a new venture he has recently launched to harness the power of virtual reality tours and google streetview technology to promote Kent businesses and towns; locally, nationally and worldwide.

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